Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Acquisition Finance in Amsterdam

It has been a terrific first month for our blog.  Joe and I thank all of you who have written to us.  We look forward to continuing to interact with all of you as we develop additional material related to acquisition finance.  We are particularly happy that Tom Hofmann posted our first guest blog.  Obviously, Joe (a practicioner) and Ralph (a professor) believe in combining theory and practice to ascertain what works best in the market.  Your feedback and ideas will continue to motivate our work.

Last week we again taught our Acquisition Finance course in Amsterdam.  One of the central ideas of the course is the recognition of markets and the importance of understanding current market conditions in structuring the deal.  Consequently, the course is continually evolving with market conditions.  The most recent description of our course is at:

Acquisition Finance

Our regular blogs will continue Friday.

All the best,

Ralph and Joe

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