Thursday, April 4, 2013

Due Diligence in M&A: HP, Quaker, BMW, Daimler, Mattel, etc.

In our last post, Joe commented that there were No Do Over's in M&A.  Indeed!  Why do disasters occur?  We've discussed many reasons in this blog, from Any Deal is a Bad Deal at Some Price, to The Winner's Curse, and many others.  And we've noted that Value is Estimated, Price is Paid.  But in many cases, errors in estimated value should be caught in the due diligence process.  Due Diligence is a crucial step in verifying assumptions and representations, assessing risks and beginning the integration process.  Too often it is fraught with errors.   Firmex provides the following list of the top ten due diligence disasters in M&A.  Quite an interesting list.

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Top Due Diligence Disasters

[Via: Firmex: Virtual Data Rooms]

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