Thursday, January 23, 2014

Merger Wave in the Publishing Industry

We've written quite a bit in these posts about the motives for merger and merger waves.  In general, some catalyst shakes up an industry and creates opportunities for some firms and solutions to problems for others.  We have specifically mentioned shifts in regulation, shifts in consumer tastes, competition from unexpected sources, changes in the factors of production and changes in technology, (see our post Catalysts for Merger).   It is self evident to readers of this or any blog, that change has been afoot in the publishing industry.

 I read an interesting article today by Jeremy Greenfield in that makes these points very well for the publishing industry and I thought I would share the link.  The author argues, and I agree, that the publishing industry is currently in a merger wave.  He discusses the specific catalysts that are involved in the publishing wave and gives examples of each.  I hope you enjoy it.  See "Get Ready For More Mergers and Acquisition in Book Publishing".

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