Thursday, May 21, 2015

Drexel's 8th Academic Conference on Corporate Governance

As I mentioned before, last month we hosted our 8th Academic Conference on Corporate Governance at Drexel.  I say academic, because we also host specific practicioner events including our Director's Dialogue.  I'll recap that in a subsequent post.

This year's conference featured five top papers from over sixty submissions.  Many good papers didn't make the cut.  The audience features top researchers in Corporate Governance from around the world.

The five papers this year addressed issues in executive compensation (CEOs getting bonuses when corporate pensions are frozen and curious firm behavior in contract years) , Norway's gender quotas on boards (suggesting previous work was mistaken);  the role of passive institutional investors (hint, they aren't passive in terms of governance), and takeover defenses (what works, what doesn't).

The complete program along with links to the papers is available here.

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