Thursday, November 5, 2015

Acquisition Finance: Structuring the Deal

Joe and I are gearing up for our Acquisition Finance Class in Amsterdam.  With the year set to be the biggest yet in M&A there is much to discuss.  I'll be sharing this year's outline later, but material on last year's program and a place to sign up can be found here.

For those with an interest in this subject, I recommend the text we use in the class:  Investment Banking, by Rosenbaum and Pearl.  It provides nice background reading for the course with rich institutional detail and applied models.

Material in the course, however, draws on both the rich and recent academic material on this subject and on detailed practical analysis and case examples.  Joe's 25 years plus in the field is an ideal compliment to the empirical research I do on M&A.  If it fits into your plans, we hope to see you in Amsterdam.

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