Thursday, October 2, 2014

Deal Activity Over Time and Recently in the Netherlands

Next week is our Acquisition Finance Class in Amsterdam.  In preparation for that class and our discussions, I've updated the information on Deal Activity and trends since 1985 and recently as well.  Here are a few slides related to that discussion.  There is much to say about these charts and trends, but I'll be brief in this blog.

First, look at deal activity over time since 1985.  There are two obvious spikes in activity centering on the Dot Com boom and just before the recent crisis.  In general European activity has tracked that in the US.

The method of payment over time has been predominately cash and more so in recent years.

Finally, I list some interesting charts related to Deal Activity in the Netherlands and in Europe.

We'll skip the blogs during class next week, but perhaps I'll see you in Amsterdam!

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